Toponym Brands assist Winter Olympic Games, and Red Bean Paste Buns Culture Shows Folk Custom

2022-04-27 来源:中国地名学会地名公共服务专业委员会 责任编辑:李迎考


“Zaiqi Red Bean Paste Buns”is one of the traditional products of Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County Shuanghesheng Ecological Agricultural Products Co. LTD, which was selected for the Winter Olympic Village and Paralympic Village. It also received a thank-you note from the Winter Olympic Games operation team in Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village and Paralympic Village a few days ago. In the note, they expressed gratitude to the company for its strong sense of responsibility  and willingness to contribute. The company also provided support and assistance to Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village, especially niandoubao (sticky steamed bun stuffed with bean paste) series products. The red bean paste buns has won love and praise of athletes from all countries, becoming one of the Internet-famous food during the Winter Olympic Games. It also made positive contributions to the success of the Winter Olympic Games.   


Shuanghesheng Ecological Agricultural Products Co. LTD is located in Longwangmiao town, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County of Yan mountain east side. The beautiful scenery and honest people provide unique cultural and geographical factors for the production of Zaiqi food series. The vision for development of“Zaiqi Red Bean Paste Buns”is to promote Chinese culinary culture and build healthy minor cereals staples. The company has become a famous agricultural industrialization finishing enterprises renowned at home and abroad.“Rural areas with thriving businesses”is the key point of rural revitalization. In order to develop great industry, focusing on improving the quality, brand, creativity, competitiveness of agricultural products is a must.“Zaiqi Red Bean Paste Buns”is focusing on brand building, combing geographic name culture and products with local characteristics. It has become high-quality products brand. In November, 2021, Zaiqi minor cereals staples food series was awarded the gold medal of“The 106th Panama Pacific International Exposition”, becoming the first one to win Panama award in domestic quick-frozen industry. Qinglong Zaiqi minor cereals staples food was certified as “Toponym Brands”in December, 2021. Zaiqi further increases the intensity of the cultural excavation and inheritance, opening up niandoubao folk culture and manufacturing process of minor cereals staples to the public by factory sightseeing tourism, which has accepted tens of thousands of tourists from home and abroad. It has made red bean paste Buns and Zaiqi Brand, which tell the story of Qinglong Manchu went global.